Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finance Lead House US / UK Launches New Viral Marketing Campaign a secured and non-secured loan company offers bulk of Large Cash Personal Loans to citizens of UK , US and entire world as well, with an all time low APR & low rates of interest that suits your pocket the most, and Loans ranging from ₤5000 ($10,000 USD) to ₤100,000 ($210,000 USD) and a repayment period of upto 25 years.

They announced the kick-off to their early 2009 viral marketing strategy just today in an informal Skypecast between one of the owners Anuj Juneja and others present.

The will be a nice addition to their already exhisting seo campaign they implemented when they launched the secured loan company website just a short time ago.

Although they are skeptical about the effectiveness of hitting their target market on the search engines, they are hoping for a quick return on their investment.

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