Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BestPawnNH.com Really is the Best Pawn Broker In NH

One of the first things that I noticed when I went in right away was the amount of people. Not only the first, but also the second and third time I visited Best Pawn & Exchange at 58 Market Street in Somersworth, NH there was line almost out the door. Let face it the prices are great the service given by Rafi Dalal the owner is excpetional and he his even knows the important details about each an every product he sell at the store.

I went in for used Ipod nano just before the new year and came out with a new friendship and business contact. Rafi knows his products and his customers and he always looks for you, a person waiting in line told me. I was reassured when I came back a few weeks later and found him working dilegently on a laptop he had sold that was having an issue even though the customer was the one that had goofed it up. Now that's service. I am also told he offers premium pricing on unwanted gold or silver jewelry. Hey we could all use a little extra cash, why not give your self a stimulus this year with your old gold or silver you don't use.

His sole location in Southern, NH is located just down the street from J & M Furniture & More the nh furniture store we did an article on a few weeks ago; just a few spaces down from where it was before the new year. Business is increasing for the store and the need to expand was there so they just made the move to the new location for your convenience there is much more space now.

You can check out some of their best nh pawn broker videos online or just watch the latetst podcast below.

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